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  • Full Length
  • 8MM
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  • Three quarter length
  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Extra Firm
  • Elevate
  • Elevator
  • Extra Firm (slim fit)
  • Medium (ultra 3/4)
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  • Kids Small
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An intrinsically medially posted orthotic with additional posting options for triplanar control of pronation and forefoot loading.

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The Problem 

As we walk the foot strikes the ground slightly on the outer side of the heel. Turning forces encourage the foot to roll towards the inner side. This natural movement causes the inner arch to lower and the heel to lean inwards. This movement is called pronation. 

In some feet this leaning of the heel is excessive and can cause strain on the supportive ligaments and joints of the foot; notably the calcaneo-cuboid and talo-navicular joints (mid tarsal joint). Supportive posture is lost, painful symptoms develop in the foot or ankle and leg (due to associated internal leg rotation). Lower back symptoms and loss of core stability may occur.

In order to prevent this from occuring the heel should remain vertical, the medial arch must be supported and pressure through the forefoot should be evenly distributed.

The Concept 

The majority of symptoms caused by poor foot posture result form excessive valgus rotation of the heel. This occurs as a consequence of pronation. Whilst different foot types manifest pronation in a number of different ways the most common associated finding is failure to recover from this valgus position.

The TRIO range of foot orthotics is designed to correct this and thus restore the body's natural ability to pronate normally and recover itself to provide mid tarsal joint stability and correct foot function.
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